The 7th World Trade Symposium took place
on the 31 March 2022.

There certainly is a tech-tonic opportunity for advances in digital trade. From opportunities generated by digital platforms and digital trade agreements to new forms of financing for SMEs, the path forward is exciting. However, there are many challenges to confront if we are to meet these opportunities. It is not clear if the digital advances we are seeing will be inclusive and fair for all concerned. A significant effort is required to ensure the benefits of digital trade are shared as widely as possible. While sustainability offers new business models for companies, it also presents new challenges for business leaders to understand their impact in multiple areas.

Getting to grips with carbon emissions along their supply chain and how to use digital technologies in this space is the top of the agenda for many companies. The fragmentation of the digital landscape is a big worry. The more varied digital trade rules are more difficult for companies to trade across borders. Nevertheless, there is an optimistic case for the digital future. The World Trade Symposium is symbolic of the efforts to make the most of digital trade. These conversations are critical to meeting these challenges and taking advantage of digital trade.

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