Transformational technologist Leanne Kemp joins the World Trade Board

Multi award-winning entrepreneur is expert in industry application of blockchain technology, creating immutable diamond ledger – Everledger

Leanne Kemp is a highly decorated entrepreneur with 20 years’ experience in emerging technology. Founding Everledger in April 2015, Leanne has applied blockchain technology to the diamond industry by building a distributed ledger to track and trace a diamond’s provenance throughout the supply chain. By having the ability to verify authenticity various stakeholders across the pipeline, including banks and insurance companies, benefit from an overall reduction of risk and fraud in the marketplace.

In 2016 alone, Leanne won over seven awards for her work, including Best Blockchain Company (European Fintech Awards), Innovator of the Year (Penrose Awards) and Best B2B Startup (Digital Top 50 Award presented by Google, Rocket Internet and McKinsey).

With a rich history in innovation, Leanne has also introduced and patented a wealth of transformational technology ideas such as Fastcards (a smart card with managed identification services) and commercialised Multicard (credential verification for consumer, governments and corporations) alongside various solutions to streamline inventory & supply chain operations.