Julian David

Julian David

Chief Executive

Julian David is the chief executive of techUK, the leading technology trade association that aims to realise the positive outcomes of what digital technology can achieve through innovation and collaboration, and serves on its board of directors.

Julian led the transformation of techUK from its predecessor Intellect in 2015, putting an increased focus on the growth and jobs the technology industry offers in a global economy. He has since led its impressive expansion driving forward the tech agenda in key areas such as skills, digital ID and public sector transformation, now leading techUK’s 70-strong team and representing over 850 member companies, comprising of global and national champions and more than 500 SMEs. In 2020, techUK joined forces with TechSkills, the employer-led organisation that aims to improve the talent flow of talent into the digital workforce, of which Julian is now interim CEO.

Julian has extensive executive experience, being a member of the UK Government and Industry Cyber Growth Partnership, the Digital Economy Council, and the Department of International Trade’s Strategic Trade Advisory Group. As an expert in healthcare tech and international trade, he sits on the Executive Board of DIGITALEUROPE and is a member of the Board of the Health Innovation Network and the South London Academic Health Science Network.

Julian has over thirty years of experience in the technology industry. Prior to joining techUK, he was Vice President to SMB and the Public Sector at IBM for eight years, covering central and local government, healthcare, education, and defence and public safety, and worked as a consultant helping SMEs establish successful operations in the UK.